Is the inside of your car clean, I mean ACTUALLY clean? Do you travel with kids or pets in your car? Do you entertain clients and provide transportation for them? We spend an average of 101 minutes a day driving or riding in our vehicle. While you are driving or riding, do you notice a smell, stains on the seats, or crumbs that appear out of nowhere? When do you find the time to address a dirty interior? Is there a scratch on the passenger side door where family, friends and clients enter that is catching their eye? We all want our families and friends to ride in comfort when they are with us. We want to appear professional when entertaining clients. We want to help with the soccer team carpool, but don’t want the smells, scratches, dents, and wear-and-tear that they leave behind. We want our vehicles to look and smell good. The satisfaction of providing these services to others is rewarding, so why not reward yourself? Who has time to detail your interior? Who can provide paint correction for scratches and swirls with zero imperfections? Who can finish the job in 24 hours? Aero Precision Detail can! Aero Precision Detail is a family-owned and operated business. With more than 13 years in the automotive business, including backgrounds in small engine repair and Master Mechanics, Aero Precision Detail is committed to each customer and the community. Owner-operator, Gary Annis says, “I want to actually provide a quality service for people”. As a father of 4, he understands how important a vehicle is to a family. His goal is to build a business that his kids can be proud of with trustworthy, quality service that customers can recommend to friends and family. Other companies may do mass amounts of cars, but Aero Precision Detail quality cannot be matched. As a family-oriented company, Aero Precision offers dependable, individual service with a 24-hour turn around. You need your car! Whether you have minimal cleaning, or a major dent or scratch, each customer receives the time and attention-to-detail that makes Aero Precision the premier service provider for vehicle care. Gary says, “Every car gets the same amount of detail, no matter how big or small the job is”. When you book an appointment with Aero Precision, you can drop off your vehicle the night before or the morning of service. It will be finished by the end of the business day. They will even provide pick-up or take-home service within 10 miles. Inquire about their mobile services (up to 25 miles) for times when you cannot get the car to them. And YES! 24-hour turn around!

Aero Precision’s quality service includes: interior detailing, paint correction, zero-imperfection paint repair, headlight restoration, nano-ceramic coating, stain removal, and even changing wheel color! Soon-to-come, are paintless dent removal and window tinting. All at affordable prices and with quick return to you. This owner-involved business attends to every detail, and the job is done right! “We pay attention to the fine details on the most expensive cars and those cars that just need a little help. I am involved in every aspect of the business and will continue to be, so I can ensure that we are the premier detailer for the area. Our goal is to grow, while continuing 24-hour turn-around and the finest quality service you can find!” Aero Precision Detail is a business that you should know and you will trust. If you need any detailing or repair for your vehicle, visit or give them a call at 913-553-8820!

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