What's the difference between a cleaner and professional detailer?

What's the difference between a cleaner and professional detailer?

Cleaners are those whom focus on getting you in the door with a low price, using non professional chemicals and tools to detail your possession. Most have no formal training, nor the proper knowledge on how to properly assess many various issues which may arise. An example, a blood stain. If improperly approached, the stain can become permanent.

Professional detailers use the highest quality chemicals, typically not found at your local parts store or supermarket. Commercial grade upholstery machines and steam cleaners are a staple

in a professional's shop. Most professionals attend training courses and/or get involved in forums to stay up to date with the ever changing industry to ensure your possession is taken care of properly. Professionals know the proper techniques to safely detail your possession. The price of their services will reflect this.

Paint polishing is another common misconception of the service and of course there is a wide range in pricing for this service. Cleaners will typically offer a "too good to be true" deal. Wash, clay bar, buff and polish for $99 is a seen quite often. A professional typically charges an hourly rate of anywhere between $50-125 for paint correction alone. Not including the wash and decontamination of the possession. Prices vary by region of course. The amount of time per step of paint correction can vary from 2 hours on a small coupe to an unlimited amount of time depending on how large the job may be.

Now how does the IDA fit into all of this? Well, it's simple really. The IDA does a good job of separating cleaners from professional detailers. The IDA creates a network of other professionals that work together for multiple goals. ETHICS. GROWTH. INTEGRITY. PROFESSIONALISM. SUCCESS.

The IDA implements tests in which you can take online and upon passing that, take a hands on test that validates your skills. Professionals working together in this industry, will improve everything, for everyone.

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